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Woosley Rd. under residents’ scrutiny

Posted on Friday, September 20, 2013 at 11:00 am

During Monday’s regular September session of the Metro Moore County Council, a number of residents who live on Woosley Rd. turned out to voice their concerns over the deteriorating conditions of the road. Richard Eads spoke to the council on behalf of residents who live on Woosley Rd. Eads said the residents gathered 77 names in just a couple of days concerning the condition of the road.

“The road is in such disrepair residents cannot drive in the correct lane when driving on the road,” said Eads.

Woosley Rd. is in the northern part of the county and connects state Route 55 to Raysville Rd.

According to resident Claude Woosley, the condition of the road has caused damage to vehicles including needed front-end alignments and tire problems. Woosley added that traveling the road could sometimes be dangerous as drivers attempted to avoid large potholes by driving in the opposite lane.

“I would like all commissioners to come out and drive the road and see the condition of the road that’s it’s been in for the last five years,” said Eads.

Residents attending Monday’s meeting said they have been promised that the road would be repaved in years past, but as of yet it has not happened. The residents also asked the council how the county decided which roads would be paved each year.

Current Moore County road superintendent Milton Ferrell was also at Monday’s meeting and said that Woosley Rd. was on the short list of roads to be paved during the new fiscal year, along with Crying Owl Lane, Rising Moon Rd., Bell Rd. and Raysville Rd.

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