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What more could a County Boy want?

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 3:00 pm

 What more could a Country Boy want?

By Amy Hope

Music is in Daniel Hardin’s blood. He and his 3 siblings grew up in a home filled with singing and playing music. He said that he remembers wanting to be a musician since he was 5 or 6. He played a little guitar and piano, but the stand-up bass was it. “Bass is the coolest.”


Daniel attended Moore County Schools and after high school, he left home and went on the road. He toured for three years with a band and was able to travel the world.  They had gigs in almost every state, Europe, and even played on cruise ships. The band would do 20-30 day tours in Europe. What more could a Bass playing country boy want?


Traveling the world and playing in a band was fun, but it was time to get a “real” job and settle down. He moved back to Lynchburg.  He got a job at Jack Daniel’s Distillery and has worked there for 16 years.  His wife, Cortney, and their three children, Christian, Charlie, and Corleigh keep Daniel grounded. What more could a Lynchburg country boy want?


A few years ago, Daniel got a call from Becky Buller, she was in the band Daniel toured with years ago. She was now “The Becky Buller Band”, and she needed a bass player.  Daniel saw the chance to get back to the music that he loved, so he said “yes!”

Daniel now schedules his time between his busy family, his full-time job at Jack, as a master machine operator, and his music, oh, and he is also a member of the fire brigade. What more could a hard-working family man, bass playing, fireman, want?


Accepting the bass job with Becky was a good choice. She is a ten-time International Bluegrass Association award-winning Bluegrass artist, whose songs have appeared on multiple Grammy Award-winning albums. She made history by being the first artist ever to win in both instrumental and vocal categories, as well as being the first female to ever win Fiddle Player of the Year. He played with her on three of her albums including her latest album, Distance and Time, which has been at the top of multiple charts. The band has played The Lynchburg Music Fest and Cumberland Caverns as well as multiple music festivals.


Until a few weeks ago, you could probably say that Daniel Harden had everything a young man could ask for. A good job, a beautiful family, he gets to ride on a fire truck, and he gets to play the Bass (which is the “coolest” instrument) in a successful Bluegrass band. But wait, there’s just one more thing Daniel needed. A few weeks ago the Becky Buller Band, performed at the Grand Old Opry!!!!  Daniel said, “Everyone was so nice. The experience was great! I usually don’t’ get nervous before a performance, but I was nervous.”  This was an awesome opportunity. Daniel and the Band performed where Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, and even Elvis, have performed.  It was a night to never forget, and hopefully, there will be repeat performances.


Things are looking good for the Becky Buller Band. COVID caused a few cancellations but things seem to be opening back up for them. You can find out tour dates at their website You can also listen to them on any streaming service, like Pandora or Apple Music. I recommend “The Ride”. Daniel says, “This is my favorite song to perform. We can get caught up and have a ten-minute, jamming introduction.”  What else could a boy want?