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Vehicle titles now printed at Moore County courthouse

Posted on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 11:19 pm

Last month, Metro Moore County’s county clerks office was granted the ability to print vehicle titles on site, a move that could mean additional money for Lynchburg.

County clerks in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties across the state register vehicles and assist with title transactions, but Moore County was one of just seven of those counties that didn’t already print vehicle titles.

“They have been after us to do it for awhile,” said county clerk Nancy Hatfield. “It’s something the state has really tried to push to get into all 95 counties, and we were one of seven in the state that didn’t do it.”

Hatfield said county officials hoped to wait until the state had a new system in place before adding the feature here, but when that system didn’t come to fruition, they decided to move forward.

State officials came here on Dec. 10 to train Moore County officials. No extra equipment or expense was needed, just a minor modification to one of the printers in the clerk’s office.

Benefits of printing the vehicle titles at the Moore County Court House are two-fold. While an applicant will still have to wait three days before the title is issued, the process should still be quicker. The second benefit is that Moore County will retain $2 from every vehicle title printed — minus 45 cents postage if the title is mailed. According to Hatfield, that’s approximately $2,000 per year that will go directly into the county’s coffers.

Taxes from vehicle title transfers and transactions are a considerable part of the state’s budget. According to documents available online at <>, the state received $827,614.68 in revenue from vehicle registration in November 2012 alone.

For more information on vehicle registration go online to <> or call the Moore County Clerk’s office at (931) 759-7346.