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Two charged in theft of weapons, personal property

Posted on Monday, May 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Moore County Sheriff’s Department investigators recover stolen items in Arkansas

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Moore County Sheriff’s Department investigators, working with detectives in Miller County, Arkansas, recovered stolen items reportedly taken from a Moore County home in January. Approximately $9,000 worth of firearms and personal items were reported stolen.

Moore County Sherriff’s Department detectives Shane Taylor and Mike Rainey traveled to Texarkana, Ark., in February, where, with the help of local authorities, they located defendants Austin B. Cigainero and Ty Alan Huff, both of Miller County, Arkansas. Both men were arrested by Miller County authorities and brought before a judge there.

They waived their extradition and both were released in Taylor and Rainey’s custody and were brought back to Moore County, where they are waiting to appear in court facing charges of Theft of Property ($1,000-$10,000.)

According to a report obtained from the Moore County Sheriff’s Department, investigators began working the case after receiving a call from Nick Vecchio, who reported that his Spankem Rd. residence had been burglarized.

Investigator’s reports state that Vecchio, a part-time resident of the home, “reported that his grandfather had temporarily moved to Arkansas, and had two boys unknown to Mr. Vecchio at the time, come to the residence on Spankem Rd. to retrieve some personal items, as well as Mr. Newton’s car.”

The report continues to say that Vecchio learned from a “watch keeper of the home that someone had been in the home, and had removed several items, including items that belonged to Mr. Vecchio” (including) a 12-gauge Saiga Shotgun with high capacity magazines; a 12-gauge Mossberg pistol grip shotgun; a .45 yhm silencer; and a pair of custom made alligator tail boots, all valued at more than $9,000.

Moore County detectives traveled to Arkansas, where they located both Cigainero and Huff. They were also able to recover all of the items, with the exception of the custom boots.

Detective Taylor, who initially took the case was able to identify the two individuals as Austin B. Cigainero, and Ty Alan Huff, both of Miller County, Texarkana, Arkansas. Detective Taylor then sought warrants for the arrest and extradition of both Cigainero and Huff.