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Tiny Home Development – The Answers to Your Questions

Posted on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 10:55 am

Recently, Oakstone Land and Capital announced plans to create a tiny home community in Lynchburg, and many have raised questions regarding the impact that this will have on the community. At the forefront of this project are Chip Hayes and Rance Frye. Hayes has spent years working in land development projects and is the founder of a contracting/real estate company that has worked in conjunction with companies such as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Wells Fargo. Frye owns
a logging company and has been collaborating with Hayes since 2004. They both have been outspoken about their love of the great outdoors and their desire to help others find ways to fully enjoy nature as well. According to Frye, “We strive to create communities that highlight the natural beauty of each destination while providing an unforgettable and affordable escape for families and friends to enjoy.”

These homes primarily serve as vacation residences. Hayes and Frye stated that less than 10 percent of those who purchase these properties live there full-time because the homes are designed to keep people outside more. The success of their previous projects in Monteagle and Tracy City leads them to believe that Lynchburg’s tiny-house project will be immensely successful as well. Frye stated, “Each of our communities to date are sold out. Our first community (Deer Lick Falls) sold out within three weeks of our initial sale with virtually no marketing. Our second community (Water’s Edge) sold more than 80 of the original 132 lots on grand-opening day alone.”

They stated that they have been in communication with Duck River Electric, the Moore County Metro Utility Department, Moore County officials, and Metro Moore County Fire Rescue to ensure that their project follows all planning and zoning guidelines and does not pose any safety hazards. Some have been concerned about fire safety due to the fact that the tanker
truck has trouble accessing the development property. To alleviate this, Frye said that “the development will have full fire hydrant protection via six-inch lines.”

Part of their goal in building this project is that they will be able to supply local contractors with long-term work in multiple
capacities so that the product benefits nearby residents from start to finish. Frye added, “Retreat Vacations, our short-term
rental management division, has grown significantly since its start in late 2019, growing from two team members to 16 – all hired locally. To date, our team has received nearly 1,000 reviews, with an overall average rating of 4.9 stars across all of our managed homes.”

There have been additional questions raised regarding an increase in traffic with the arrival of new residents, but because less than 10 percent of the homes are likely to be full-time residences, the additional traffic is believed to be minimal. During
times when visitors will already be prevalent throughout the community, Frye and Hayes believe that the convenience of the
location will encourage residents to redirect the money that they would have spent on gas, food, lodging, etc. elsewhere to businesses in Lynchburg.

They have also taken into account the upkeep that this destination will require and set measures in place to maintain the
grounds. Frye ended by stating, “We maintain a permanent presence in the community via control of the Homeowner’s
Association, Retreat Vacations (rental management), and our growing events division – ensuring its proper upkeep and
success of the community.”

This project will be discussed further at the May 13 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting, which will begin at 6:30 P.M. If you have further questions or concerns, you are encouraged to attend and let your voice be heard.