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The News adds Expanded Electronic Edition for subscribers

Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 4:57 pm

Extra content - like Lifestyles, Sports, State news and additional Regional coverage - will be available each week for online subscribers via The News' new Triple E expanded edition. (MCN Image)

Extra content – like Lifestyles, Sports, State news and additional Regional coverage – will be available each week for online subscribers via The News’ new Triple E expanded edition. (MCN Image)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Moore County News publisher Robert Holman is pleased to announce the rollout of a new feature for subscribers of The News online edition.

Beginning this week, The Moore County News Triple E edition, also known as the Expanded Electronic Edition, will be part of Thursday’s paper and each paper moving forward.

Available online through the Electronic Edition option on the website, <>, The News Triple E edition offers expanded content for subscribers, all of whom have access to the online edition included as part of their subscription price.

“The idea is fairly simple,” said Holman. “We subscribe to a myriad of content services, including the Associated Press which is the most powerful news gathering agency in the world. We have access to a seemingly limitless supply of stories and information, only a small fraction of which we are able to get in each week’s print edition.

“However, our electronic edition and The News Triple E give us a little more room to provide quality news and information to our readers.”

Each Thursday, The Moore County News Triple E will provide an additional four pages of content available through the electronic edition. Each day there will be an additional page of state news, a new Sports Xtra page, plus two pages of scheduled content to fit each week.

“For example, we’ll include an expanded view of news around the state, including what’s going on on Capital Hill,” said Holman. “There are a lot of things happening in Nashville and in politics that effect citizens of Moore County and we don’t always have room to get that information in the print edition as we will continue to focus on community first.

“But with the Triple E edition, we’re able to add that pertinent content that may be of interest to our readers and our community. And with an additional page of sports coverage, we’ll be able to deliver additional local sports photos as well as expanded college sports that we’re not typically able to get in the print edition.”

Expanded themes could also include food, home and garden, entertainment, finance and more.

Print subscribers are eligible for Full Access, which includes the print and electronic edition at no additional cost.

Customers who want full access should call The News at (931) 759-7302 for more information. The News staff can help with set up and get subscribers the information they need to take advantage of this new feature.

“The sky is the limit for this project,” Holman added. “We have a deep well of information from which we can draw and the electronic edition allows us as much space as we can feasibly fill. We feel like this is a win-win for the reader and the electronic edition itself.”