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Stewart announces candidacy for State Representative

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Sloan Stewart announces his candidacy for State Representative of the 39th District in the War Memorial Garden on the lawn of the Historic Lynchburg Courthouse.

As a taxpayer, who would you rather have managing the money you pay the State to fund schools, roads, and emergency services? Would it be a novice who has never managed a public budget or someone who has held public office for more than 15 years and managed a county budget for 9 years? Sloan Stewart, who has served as Mayor of Metro Moore County for the last 9 years, thinks the answer is obvious, which is why he is seeking election as State Representative for Tennessee’s 39th District. The District includes Franklin, Marion and Moore Counties. Stewart does not have a single bad thing to say about any of his fellow candidates. In fact, he’s quite sure any one of them could adequately fill the shoes of outgoing State Representative, David Alexander, who decided to retire from state government and run for County Mayor of Franklin County. However, Stewart feels that his 9 years as Mayor and 7 years as a county council member – through good economic times and bad – make him uniquely qualified for the State Representative’s office. “Serving as Mayor of one of the smallest rural counties in the state provides me the unique understanding of the needs of rural counties. As owner and farmer on my family’s Century Farm, I understand and respect the traditions and impact farmers have in our state. These two job experiences will guide my decisions as I work to strengthen the future of the 39th District’s residents and businesses,” Stewart said. “I hope that my experience, unique knowledge of public service, and established relationships should provide a high level of confidence to the citizens of Middle TN when it comes to navigating future issues and managing their tax dollars,” said Stewart. Stewart is a lifelong resident of Moore County where he graduated from Moore County High School in 1985. He continued his education by graduating from Motlow Community College in 1988 and Middle Tennessee State University in 1991. He and his wife Cathy, who works in the finance department of the Moore County school system, enjoy spending time with their children Benji and Rachel Garland. They take great pride in their livestock farm in Marble Hill. “So, whether you lean to the left or to the right, know that your tax dollars will be managed using conservative, stable and proven strategies that have no political bias. Voting for me will further ensure that this will continue under the guidance of someone who has been doing it for more than a decade, unlike the other candidates. Its hard to imagine a candidate more suited for the challenge,” Stewart concluded.