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Sometimes, Doing Things the Old-Fashioned Way is Better

Posted on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 1:32 pm

By Ciera Holder

We met and began brainstorming ways that she could make a difference within our community. She came up with a lot of great ideas but decided on “Kaylee’s Cards.” A community box that would be filled with greeting cards for anyone to fill out. They would then be distributed locally the following month. This was something that not only would benefit the community but was also something she felt confident in. We had our project!
When Kaylee was asked to describe her reason for choosing this project, she said, “When COVID hit, I realized there was so many ways a greeting card could make a difference! I haven’t been able to see my grandfather in Ohio in a very long time, and he is very sick. I am also being homeschooled this year, and I miss my friends and teachers too! This makes me realize how much everyone else must be missing their loved ones as well! This project will allow me to get cards into the hands of those who need them the most within my community!”
On April 15th, 2021, we were ready to get to work. She had been using her social media page to build up the hype for the upcoming surprise. By sharing hints about the opening of the box without giving it away, she was grabbing the attention of her over 150 followers. She couldn’t wait to get the final setup complete. We headed up to the county building and began setting everything up. Once we were done, we stepped back and began to feel so proud of the work that was accomplished that day! I made sure to document the opening by snapping a few photos for her to share on her social media site. She immediately set down and got to work creating a post to share the news. All the hard work, struggles, and determination had finally paid off! Now, marketing needed to be front and center.
Over the next few days, we shared news of her box all over town, on social media, and through phone calls. We wanted everyone to know how important a role this box could play in our town. Kaylee began working on choosing her causes for each month and setting a goal of 100 cards per month. There are over 6,000 residents that live in Moore County, TN. She aims to reach even farther with some of her cards. Because the month of May is military appreciation month, she chose to collect cards for military personnel, active and retired. For June, she is going to collect cards for local fire, EMS, police, and rescue personnel to celebrate Effective Communications Month. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds for this box!
By creating this box and sharing these greeting cards, she is spreading joy and the importance of community within her small town. She truly feels that one greeting card can begin a chain reaction of hope and caring. Smiles and joy are very contagious! I have truly enjoyed helping Kaylee set her goals and excel beyond them. I’ve watched her utilize marketing, communications, leadership, and finances efficiently and effectively! That is all I could have hoped for as a troop leader!