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She’s One of a Kind, Just Like Jack

Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at 9:29 am

By Sarah Raymond

People can form bonds through many avenues. Some bond over shared pain, some bond through hobbies, and some bond by being placed in the same setting. In Lynchburg, Jack Daniel’s whiskey has helped to build an entire community and has become a family affair. Generations of families have worked side by side to create a product that is now sold all over the world because they take pride in what they do.
Lexie Phillips has recently been named the first female Assistant Distiller for Jack Daniel’s and will be working alongside Chris Fletcher to continue the legacy of Jack Daniel’s and preserve its unique beauty that makes Lynchburg proud.

Working at Jack Daniel’s has given Phillips two of her greatest loves: the whiskey stills and her husband. Over the past almost eight years, she has become a part of the Jack Daniel’s family and has been inspired by the passion that drives its workers. She
grew up just outside of Lynchburg and has had a couple dozen family members who have been employees of the distillery, which means that she and her husband
are continuing that family legacy. Phillips is a very hands-on person. Her father’s mechanical knowledge gave her a love for learning how things work and understanding the processes by which they function, so it is fitting that her passion has been applied to the detailed process of whiskey-making at the distillery.

Phillips began at the distillery working part-time in quality control. The distiller convinced her to go the still house, and the rest is history. She never knew that working at the still house would even be possible for her, and now, her hard work has taken her all the way to the top. She said that she has been so blessed to work with such an amazing and supportive group of people who have cheered for her and helped her to succeed through their infectious love for what they do. People all over the world have supported her and her new appointment, and she encourages others to
follow their passions just like she followed hers. This job has allowed her the opportunity to spread the facility’s familial bond with her customers because she has helped them find the best whiskey and has connected with them through their shared love of the unique product.

No dream worth chasing is ever achieved with little effort. There is a special science to making whiskey that requires a sharp mind and skilled hands. A particular kind of pride comes from such dedicated and intimate work, and every step taken to create Jack Daniel’s whiskey has a personal touch. It is this special connection that makes this whiskey the one many people choose for every occasion. I guess things made with love really do taste better.