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September peak demand could occur Tuesday

Posted on Monday, September 5, 2016 at 12:43 pm

09-02-16 DREMC 80th Anniversary LOGOLYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Highest electricity demand for the month is predicted to occur on Tuesday, Sept. 6, from 3-5 p.m. across the Duck River EMC service territory. Beat the Peak™ will be activated, asking co-op members to reduce their power use during the two-hour peak period.

Temperatures that afternoon are forecasted to range from highs of 92 to 95 degrees in southern Middle Tennessee. The conditions will be favorable for setting a peak of demand for the entire month.

A peak is when demand causes the price of wholesale power to rise from pennies per kilowatt hour to almost $10 for the same unit of electricity. Beat the Peak™ is a voluntary residential demand reduction program that relies on thousands of concerned DREMC members for help in avoiding the system peak.

They are sent email and text message alerts prior to the peak event. This advance warning enables them to take steps to conserve power during the critical period when electricity costs the most. In addition, radio peak alerts are broadcasted on local stations, asking the general public’s help in reducing demand.

Turning thermostats up three degrees makes the greatest difference in household energy use during summer peak periods, but DREMC members can also make an impact in other ways:

—Give the electric water heater a break by not showering, running the dishwasher or using the washing machine

—Don’t run the clothes dryer until the peak period has passed

—Close shades and curtains to block sunlight (UV radiation)

—If you have a swimming pool, turn off the water circulation pump

—Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms

—Keep the oven turned off; use the microwave or outdoor grill for food preparation

To sign up for Beat the Peak™, go to