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School board seeking input for 2013-14 calendar

Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 12:32 am

The Moore County Board of Education is seeking input from community members as it plans the calendar for the 2013-14 school year. Anyone interested in participating may go online to <> to view the board’s three different proposals for the next school year.

Participants may view the proposed calendars and then complete a survey, which is also posted on the website. The school board would like for any and all school community members to participate in this process.

“I am looking for as much information as possible,” said Chad Moorehead, Moore County Director of Schools. “Tell me which one you like best and tell me why you like it. I’m really looking for comments on the calendars more than votes.

“Then I will come out with two calendars. I try to get that out in January, so in the month of January people can vote on the two. Then I compile the data and present that at the February board meeting. I will take them before the board and say these are the two calendars that I’ve developed based on input.”

Participants in the survey should notice slight differences in each of the three options.

In both 13-14 Calendar A and C, the first day of school for students would be an abbreviated day on Tuesday, Aug. 6. The first full day would be Thursday, Aug. 8.

The first day in 13-14 Calendar B would be an abbreviated day on Aug. 1, with students reporting for a full day on Monday, Aug. 5.

A parent/teacher conference and early school dismissal for students is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 19 and on Thursday, March 6 in all three options. Students are out of school on the Friday following each parent/teacher conference.

One major difference that separates 13-14 Calendar C from the other two is the Thanksgiving holiday break. In Calendar C, students would get an entire week off during Thanksgiving. Calendars A and B propose just three days off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Fall break is the same in all three options as well. That’s planned for Oct. 7-11. The break during Christmas is the same also — from Dec. 23 until Jan. 3 — on all three plans.

That’s not so with the spring break. Both Calendars A and C have the spring break set for April 14-18, while spring break on Calendar B is set a month earlier from March 10-14.

The last full day of school for students in Calendar A is Friday, May 23, with an abbreviated day planned for Wednesday, May 28. The last full day of school for students in Calendar B is Wednesday, May 21, with an abbreviated day on Friday, May 23.

With either of those options, students would be out before Memorial Day, with the exception of the abbreviated May 28 day in Calendar A.

Under Calendar C, students would be in school beyond Memorial Day. The last full day of school for students in Calendar C is Wednesday, May 28, with an abbreviated day set for Friday, May 30.

All school calendars must meet the requirements found in Tenn. Code Ann. § 49-6-3004