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Return to the Wild Frontier

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2021 at 9:52 am

This proclamation by Mayor Lon Burton cemented Frontier Days as an
event that would remain beloved by all for decades. While the methods
of celebration may have changed over time, the ability to have a good
time has never died and will always be in style.
-Photo provided by Sara Hope

By Sarah Raymond

The Lynchburg American Legion hosted a fourth of July celebration in the 1960s, and this event eventually morphed into what is now known as Frontier Days. This event is still celebrated every year, and according to The Heritage of Moore County Tennessee, “The Frontier Days Festival was begun in the early 1960s as a celebration of a past way of life and to bring people together in fun and fellowship.”

The festival has been celebrated in many ways throughout its long history, and it has left attendees with many fond memories and pictures that they cherish. Last year’s celebration had to be cancelled due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. Now that the virus has become less of a risk, the beloved event is making a comeback and is scheduled for June 25 and 26. Lifelong residents and young children alike will find many activities to love within the event and will create
memories that will always hold a place in their hearts.

Susie Inman of Lynchburg Pottery and Gift Gallery particularly loves the western attire that she used to see people like her grandmother wear. Everyone, not just people who had businesses on the square, would wear fun costumes to celebrate the occasion in style. The event would last for about a week, maybe more. She added, “It was so crowded you could hardly walk.” Another fun memory she has is of the beard contest. Men in the community would begin growing their beards weeks in advance to compete in the contest that would determine which man had managed to grow the longest beard.

Tara Groce of Lynchburg Nutrition loves seeing all of the vendors with their unique products during the celebration, and she is thankful that the town brings originality to the event with these vendors. She especially loved taking her children to the event when they were small so that they could ride the horses that were available to guests.

Shelly Maynard, also known as recipe blogger Lynchburg Mama, loves a certain memory of her youngest son from 2008. He participated in a contest as a two-year-old and won first place, but when the judge tried to hand Aidan the purple first-place
ribbon, Aidan cried and reached for the yellow third-place ribbon instead. In order to satisfy him, the judge had to give first place to another child and give Maynard’s son third place instead.

This year’s festivities will include a dunk tank, dog contests, food, games, vendors, contests, water rides, and many more attractions. There will also be a Frontier Queen Contest, sponsored by the Lynchburg Chamber of Commerce, in which a
group of girls ranging from ninth grade to twelfth grade will participate. This is not a beauty contest but is instead a contest where the girls collect donations.

According to Candy Richard, “100 percent of funds raised goes back to each of the girls’ classes. They have fundraisers and
put jars around Lynchburg. The class sponsors determine how the money is split. The Frontier Queen will be crowned at the gazebo on the square at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, June 25. They are working hard and will appreciate any donations.”

Frontier Days 2021 promises to have enough fun for all that will make up for last year’s lack of events. Many people have invested in this event and are excited to present it to the community next weekend.