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Public safety mid-year report shows busy time for First Responders In Moore County

Posted on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at 2:00 pm

The Moore County News reached out this week for a public safety update from Public Safety Director Jason Deal and Sheriff Tyler Hatfield, given the restructuring of the department is halfway through its fiscal year. They collaborated on a report, which is printed verbatim here with minor editing:

“January 1, 2020, marks the halfway point of the 2019-2020 fiscal year and for our Public Safety personnel, it was busy. August saw the Inaugural Lynchburg Music Fest which brought thousands of people to our community for two full days of music but after months of meticulous planning, the implementation went off without a hitch. We learned a lot from the first year and after the event spent a considerable amount of time brainstorming on how we can improve safety for the event moving forward.

The Jack Daniel BBQ is a yearly fall staple for our community and this year brought significant challenges due to weather. Saturday brought high winds threatened vendors and cooking teams alike as tents became potential projectiles while a line of severe storms pushed through in the afternoon behind the winds. The National Weather Service was on site and were busy analyzing conditions and participating with hourly briefings with County and event personnel.

Call volume for the county has increased steadily over the last few years with 2019 being no exception. Statistics show an increase in overall call volume for our communication center to be up by 13 percent from 8,927 in 2018 to 10,093 in 2019. Our county EMS services saw a 9 percent increase with 860 in 2018 and 943 in 2019. The Sheriff’s Office saw a 16 percent increase with 6,973 calls answered in 2018 and 8,098 in 2019. Our Fire Department seen a 15 percent increase from 93 in 2018 to 107 in 2019.

Moore County EMS had its record month this past December with 119 patient contacts. The service is manned by one crew 24/7. There is a second and third crew available during the daytime and can staff a unit quickly. On nights and weekends there is an On-Call crew. These crews are made up by Jason Deal Critical Care Paramedic, Hunter Case Critical Care Paramedic, Jackie Burton AEMT, and Mark Neal EMT.

The Sheriff’s Office added Deputy Arthur Barad at the beginning of the FY and welcomed back Deputy Tyler Riddle while EMA/EMS added Hunter Case as a Paramedic, Operations Manager. Hunter recently received his critical care certification which greatly increases the level of round the clock care our EMS personnel can provide.

Even while performing our normal Public Safety Duties we must think and respond to situations outside the box. During the month of December, the Sheriff’s and EMA Office erected round pens and fed seven wild horses in order to catch and remove them from the Smith Chapel area. The animals were a significant nuisance causing property damage and numerous traffic complaints in the area. After weeks of feeding and help from area neighbors, all seven horses were caught and taken to an equine rescue, Bits and Pieces, in Cowan, TN.

There are many spring events around the corner that we will start planning for. One of the bigger events is the Oak Barrel Half-Marathon.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and patience when we are out in the public working/directing traffic. Safety is our number one goal for our employees and the citizens of Moore County.”