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Proposed restaurant on square receives on-site beer license

Posted on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 11:04 am

By David Knox

Vicki Gurganious and Randy Piper, doing business as Piper’s, 20 Hiles Street on the Lynchburg Historic Square, plan to operate a different kind of restaurant for the area.

Piper's will be at 20 Hiles Street, between Lynchburg Winery, American Craft Distillers and Richard's Jewelers.

Piper’s will be at 20 Hiles Street, between American Craft Distillers and Richard’s Custom Jewelry and Repairs.

Gurganious received an on- and 0ff-sire beer permit from the Metro Lynchburg Moore County Beer Board on Monday at a meeting at the American Legion Building.

The license is contingent on all the business licenses being approved.

Gurganious said she wants to be open by the first of the year. After the meeting, she said the restaurant hasn’t determined its menu exactly. Piper, the chef, said he envisions prime rib, all types of seafood, grilled vegetables and more. Gurganious said, “If you’re familiar with Emil’s in Tullahoma, that’s what we envision. We plan to be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings by reservation only.”

The restaurant would likely open for dinner only, although a lunchtime opening is a possibility.

In other action, the board tabled a request to consider allowing earlier beer sales. The board also recommends posting signs at all businesses that serve or sell beer that no open containers are allowed outside.

The board meets again Saturday at 8 a.m. at the County Clerk’s office in the courthouse. Lynchburg Jiffy Mart will be considered for an on-site beer permit. Tim Durm, doing business as Lynchburg Spirits, is requesting an on- and off-site license.