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Product of Promise

Posted on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 11:55 am

In October of 2018, Kayla White and her husband made a purchase that was an answer to years of prayer. White lost her dearest friend in 2014, and this loss propelled her toward a journey of finding her purpose in life. Her friend’s death made her realize the fragility and preciousness of life, and she wanted to know that she had used her time to the best of her ability.
White had always known that she was meant to run her own business, but like all good things, it did not come to her quickly. In September of 2018, she was at work one day when she felt that God was leading her to go to Lynchburg on her lunch break. She obeyed, and while she was in Lynchburg, she happened upon an an auction sign that led her to a large white house. It was there that she heard the voice of God, say these words: “This is your promise.”
Every day on her lunch break, White would walk the house’s fence and pray over this place that had been promised to her. The day for the auction finally came, and though the house had been appraised at $340,000, White and her husband had decided that they would not be able to bid more than $150,000. Cars flooded the area, and despite the crowd of people, the Whites gave the winning bid of $140,000. Everyone began to congratulate them, and they were overwhelmed by the amount of support that they received from the community.
From November to April of the following year, her family worked on all of the renovations for the place that they would name Promise Manor in honor of the promise God gave them to fulfill the desires of their hearts. The house only required cosmetic changes, but even that was a tall order considering the size of the building. For those six months, the Whites worked constantly between their regular jobs and the renovations. They had no employees to help them, so it was an effort entirely dependent on family and faith. White’s mother is even responsible for all of the beautiful interior décor that now sits in the house, and the finished product is now a beautiful testament to the power of faith and prayer.
Over the past couple of years, the home has been featured on American Farmhouse and has appeared in multiple TV shows, but even after all of this time, White feels that the events have transpired so quickly. This past April, White quit her full-time job as a credit analyst so that she could focus on her private business full-time, and she cannot imagine doing anything else. It has been a long journey, but she feels that she has been blessed beyond measure and is so thankful that in her search to find her purpose, God answered her prayers and rewarded her faith. White has dedicated her business to glorifying her God in everything, and you can see an example of her strong faith in her Table Talks where women come together to study scripture and her weekly column in The Moore County News.
In addition to her Table Talks, she has plenty of other opportunities for those in surrounding communities to get involved at Promise Manor.
During the summer, there will be a Saturday flower cart with five-dollar flowers. Upcoming events include a Mommy and Me tea party and a Build and Bee class where children will get to build birdhouses and learn about beekeeping. There is also a Farm to Table event on July 16 that will be for those 21 and over, and all of its proceeds will go to charity. Ticket sales have just opened, so be sure to save your space while you can.
It is often said that good things come to those who wait. White is certainly evidence of this considering how many years she prayed and waited to find what she believed was meant for her. Promise Manor is a place that has always been centered on family, and the Whites have found a new way to maintain that legacy. The Whites’ faith is embedded throughout the home and has created an environment of love and community that will forever serve as a reminder of the greatness of God’s promises.
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