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Police warn to check for counterfeit bills

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 12:46 pm

In recent weeks several businesses have been the victims of counterfeit money being passed for purchases, according to police.

In years past, most of the bogus bills have been of the $100 denomination, but several of those being passed now have been $5 and $10 dominations with a few $20s and $100 bills.

“Any person in the business of money exchange such as stores or street vendors should practice some basic precautions,” Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell said Monday. “One precaution would be to consider why a large bill is being used for a small purchase. Just be a little cautious.”

Larger businesses aren’t the only ones being hit by the fake money. Recently, an individual selling produce from a vegetable stand had a counterfeit bill passed to make a purchase. The seller did use a marking pen to check the bill but it was after the person passing it had left.

Blackwell noted that businesses should check to see if the bill not only looks but feels legitimate and that both sides of the bill should be examined.

“Many businesses have gotten the marker pens to check for suspicious currency,” he said. “Take your time; it is your money or property you stand to lose.”

Manchester police chief investigator Billy Butler said officers there have also seen several counterfeit bills passed there.

The fake bills are usually turned over to the United States Secret Service which maintains a file of them, The agency also investigates the passing of the bills and have made numerous counterfeiting arrests in the past.

—By Wayne Thomas, The Tullahoma News

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