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Police chase suspect through Moore at 100 mph

Posted on Friday, June 2, 2017 at 11:04 am

A high-speed pursuit which began in Coffee County and continued through Moore County then into Lincoln County ended when the fleeing vehicle struck a bridge abutment. Billy Marshall’s effort to evade arrest ended in the Howell area of Lincoln County Tuesday afternoon, May 23rd. According to a report from The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, officers observed Marshall who allegedly appeared to be under the influence. Marshall pulled up to a gas pump at the Marathon Market on North Jackson Street in Tullahoma. When deputies approached, Marshall sped off. As Marshall sped toward Moore County he avoided spike strips that were deployed by law enforcement. Speeding through Moore County, Marshall attempted to hit deputies with his vehicle. Marshall, 47, of Coffee County, formerly of Lincoln County is facing a growing list of charges. As of press time, charges include 12 counts of reckless endangerment, three counts of vandalism, driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license, possession of drug paraphernalia, and felony evading. He remains under a $545,000 bond at the Lincoln County Jail. “It was a miracle no one was hurt,” said Moore County Sheriff Mark Logan, “It was just as scary for us as it was civilians, but in the state that this suspect was in, letting him go was not an option – he would have killed someone.” In reality, the chase only lasted for about 25 minutes. When Marshall entered Fayetteville, he passed the Fayetteville Police Department at approximately 80 mph. The chase continued through downtown Fayetteville before heading out Highway 64 West. Marshall then turned onto Highway 244 and at one point the speeding vehicle crossed the four-lane highway without ever slowing. After failing to make a turn, he sped through a yard and then re-entered the two-lane highway heading toward Petersburg. A Lincoln County deputy in pursuit attempted to stop Marshall by striking the fleeing vehicle. The chase at this point had reached speeds well in excess of 100 mph. Marshall wasn’t able to make another turn and went through a fence and a pasture, striking a cow along the way. At least three attempts were made to force the vehicle from the roadway which resulted in the vehicles’ tires being flattened. Eventually, the vehicle hit a bridge abutment on Haysland Road, where it came to a stop and authorities were able to take the suspect into custody.