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Parents: Be aware of man luring children with strawberries

Posted on Monday, April 23, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Bedford County officials were on high alert over the weekend when onlookers spotted an unidentified man attempting to lure kids into his truck using strawberries.

According to a report by a Nashville news station, an unidentified man – believed to be in his 60s – approached two separate groups of kids and asked if they were interested in strawberries.

“Then he asked the younger of the pair if they’d like to get in his truck,” Sheriff Boyce told, WSMV News Channel 2.

Bystanders spotted the red pick up in the Wartrace area, according to Bedford County Sheriff Randall Boyce.

Law enforcement in the surrounding counties are now on high alert, including the Metro Moore County Sheriff’s Department. Moore County school officials have also been notified.

If you have any information, or spot anything suspicious, contact the Metro Sheriff’s Department at 759-7323.