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Old Health Department Is Put to Rest

Posted on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 9:44 am

By Sarah Raymond

After more than three decades of use, the dilapidated old Moore County Health Department is finally being retired and permanently put out of its misery. The health department will temporarily be utilizing the Lynchburg Medical Center building at 12 Magnolia Drive in order to continue giving Moore County the best care it can while waiting for the new building to be constructed. The old facility is set to be demolished so that a new and improved version can be built in the same location. Ideally, the new building will be completed by the end of the year. It will follow ADA guidelines and will possess a covered entry and exit.

With regard to this exciting and long-awaited adjustment, Mayor Lewis stated, “Since I was elected in 2018, we have worked toward this goal. Of all of the buildings owned by the county, the health department was by far in the worst shape. It has been a lot of work and planning by many folks to be in the final stages of moving, demolishing,
and rebuilding. We are thankful to be able to provide a new health department to the citizens funded mostly with the governor’s grant money, awarded last year, along with some special funds provided by the Tennessee Department of Health. To be able to have a nice new facility like we are going to have without having to use local tax
dollars is a blessing.”

As of this week, the health department will be in the temporary building. They will continue to do COVID testing there, and a sign will be placed in the front that will reidentify the building as the health department’s temporary home. Our healthcare professionals have gone above and beyond this year, and they are thrilled that the
journey to a new facility has begun.