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Obama wins; Moore County, Tennessee vote Romney

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Last Tuesday night, democratic President Barack Obama was re-elected to the Oval Office by an electoral college margin of 303 votes to republican Mitt Romney’s 206.

Florida’s 29 votes remained undecided until Saturday, when the Romney campaign conceded the state – making the final count 332 (61%) to 206 (38 %).

Though the popular vote totals aren’t yet official, at press time, Obama led Romney by a count of 61,173,739 (50.5%) to 58,167,260 (48 %).

Local and State Results
In Moore County, Romney earned 2,053 (73 %) to Obama’s 705 (25 %).

Other candidates receiving votes were: independent Gary Johnson (19), Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode (11), independent Merlin Miller and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, (5 votes each) and Independent Rocky Anderson (1).
There was also one unidentified write-in vote.

In Tennessee, Romney also won with 1,459,965 (59%) to Obama’s (959, 054 (39)%.

U.S. Congressional Races
In the U.S. Senate Race, Moore voter chose to re-elect republican Senator Bob Corker over democratic newcomer Mark Clayton by a 2,036 (76%) to 544 (20%) margin.

Others receiving votes in Moore County were: Constitution Party candidate Kermit Steck (30), Green Party candidate Martin Pleasant (21) as well as independents Shaun E. Crowell (15), Michel Joseph Long (10), David Gatchell (7), James Higdon (7) and Troy Stephen Scoggin (7). There were also four unidentified write in votes.

Coker won re-election with a state wide vote of 1,504,081 (64%) to Clayton’s 704,708 (30%).

U.S. House Race
In the U.S. House District 4 seat race, incumbent republican Scott DesJarlais bested his democratic rival, Eric Stewart in Moore County by a 1,549 (63%) to 884 (36%) margin. There were also six write in votes.

State Races
In state races, Moore County overwhelmingly re-elected republican representative David Alexander with 1,880 (71%) votes to democrat Doug Clark’s 756 (28) votes. There was also one write in vote.

Republican State Senator Jim Tracy ran unopposed and received 2,204 votes in Moore County.

Moore County possesses five voting districts and a total of 4,618 registered voters. Voter turnout was a little over 60 percent with 2,808 residents casting ballots. Interestingly, more Moore Countians cast early voting ballots than Election day ballots with 1,424 early voting ballots and 1,310 votes cast today.

For complete Tennessee results broken down by county, go to