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Not Bombs, just Booms

Posted on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 9:15 am

Rumors of gun fire and explosions spread quickly. The reported sounds from Mulberry were not bombs, a gun fight, exploding meth labs or anything else of a sinister nature. The “booms” came from a much more benign source. What sounded like explosions were actually “scare cannons”, according to officials. Some cannons blast sound at a piercing 125 decibels — as loud as an ambulance siren or jackhammer. Farmers use the propane fueled cannon to drive away pests. Birds like wild turkeys, crows and geese are not the only “targets.” The cannons are also eff ective at scaring Deer, Coyotes and other four-legged pests. Some farmers use the cannons during planting season as a tactic for ridding the area of seed-eating animals. Orchard, vineyard and row crop managers use them to stop birds and nuisance wildlife before they destroy plants and harvests. Some airports use the cannons to prevent birds from posing a threat during takeoff and landing. Poultry farms protect against foxes and other pests. Freshwater shrimp farmers and  sh breeders employ them to scare Blue Herons and other predatory birds, which can devastate a harvest in just a few weeks. Beehive owners can stop bears from stealing their honey. The cannons are a safe and eff ective method to deter pests in crops but they were also eff ective at creating quite a ruckus among residents of Mulberry