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New bank wants to stand out by blending in

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2013 at 10:00 am

Led by Howard Kirksey (below) the Lynchburg LPO, DPO, ATM — an affiliate of Citizens State Bank — is up and running on the corner of Lynchburg Hwy. and Dance Ave. Renovations are almost complete at the circa 1874 home, which Kirksey believes offers the perfect backdrop to Lynchburg’s newest financial institution. (MCN Photo by Robert Holman)

Howard Kirksey believes in his product.

Exactly what that product is, however, is debatable. Kirksey is the Middle Tennessee Regional President of the Lynchburg LPO, DPO, ATM — an affiliate of Citizens State Bank.

So, on the surface, Kirksey’s product is money. That seems simple enough. But while sitting in the newly renovated circa 1874 house-turned-bank, Kirksey  — a veteran of 28 years in the financial industry — is quick to point that the product he is peddling is not just about money. It’s about progress, people and Lynchburg.

“Of the five people who work here, three are lifelong residents of Moore County,” said Kirksey, as he makes preparations for an upcoming two-day open house. “We’re here because we like Moore County. We don’t want to change Moore County. We want to leave it what it is.”

Part of that means leaving a 140-year-old house largely in tact as the new company turns it into a working financial institution. From the landscaping to the décor, the remodeled structure still very much resembles the historic house it once was.

“When we looked around for office space, we loved the house and the house was for sale,” said Kirksey. “We wanted to keep the integrity of the building. Of course we had to add the ramp. But the upstairs will not be accessible to customers.”

Kirksey said the bank has gone out of its way to add landscaping that will blend nicely with Lynchburg, aiming primarily to fit in with the historic feel. They’ve ordered outdoor lighting and lampposts to match those at the Jack Daniel Distillery Visitor’s Center and Mrs. Mary Bobo’s Boarding House.

The few trees they were able to plant are Sugar Maples, the same tree that the world-famous distillery uses in its charcoal filtering process.

The cosmetic changes aren’t the only ones Kirksey hopes potential customers will notice though. He believes there’s nothing wrong with variety.

Howard Kirksey (MCN Photo)

While becoming the town’s fourth financial institution — joining Farmer’s Bank, Moore County Bank and Jack Daniel Employees’ Credit Union — Kirksey is hoping that his branch isn’t going to be the same ol’ meat and potatoes routine.

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