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Mr. and Miss MCHS Chosen

Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 9:39 am



Madelynn McLaughlin

Avery Hardin

Mr. and Miss MCHS

The students from Moore County High School have selected their 2021/2022 Mr. and Miss MCHS. This honor may have a little more significance because of the unpredictable school experience these days. Chosen by the High School students were Mr. Avery Hardin and Miss Madelynn McLaughlin. They were chosen as representatives for the Senior Class because of their leadership and positive school spirit. When speaking to them you can definitely understand why they were chosen.

Avery grew up in Lynchburg, attending Lynchburg Elementary and then MCHS. When asked who he admired most growing up he said, “I admire my parents for always supporting me in whatever I wanted to do.” and what he wanted to do was broadcasting. Avery is a huge asset to the Moore County Sports Network. He said it has been a wonderful part of his school experience. He now is on the search for a replacement. These will be big shoes to fill.

Avery said it is a huge honor to be chosen as Mr. MCHS. “Wow, I made an impact on someone. I am glad I could make a difference with Broadcasting.” Avery plans to attend Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Shelbyville and study Industrial Maintenance.

Madelynn also grew up right here in Moore County. She also attended kindergarten here all the way through twelfth grade. She is full of energy and it is obvious she is a leader. Playing multiple sports and always being everyone’s cheerleader makes her shine bright. She said she really appreciates and is humbled by the recognition. Madelynn said she is so glad that this school year has been a little more “normal”. She said the online experience was tough for her. “I need more hands-on learning. I just want normal school.” She said that COVID has taught her to open up. “You never know what is going to happen tomorrow. You have to appreciate today.” She said she makes a point to take a picture with someone every single day. Madelynn also admires her parents for supporting her. They have reminded her to always remember what is important.

Madelynn is focused on the future. There are some big decisions to be made. She is still undecided on her exact college plans, but she is leaning toward Business or Law. She is focused on making every day count.

The MCHS students chose these two bright and positive representatives for a reason.   This year’s Mr. and Miss MCHS are going to make an impact on this world. There is a lot to learn from these young people.