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Moorehead addresses inclement weather impact on Parent/Teacher conferences

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 9:24 am

With more inclement weather expected by midweek this week and Moore County Schools planning Parent/Teacher Conferences on Thursday evening, Moore County Director of Schools Chad Moorehead issued the following statement Tuesday morning:

“If the weather forecast for Thursday is correct we may have to close schools for the day

“In the event that the roadways are clear by Thursday afternoon and we have reason to believe they will remain so after sunset, we will continue with Parent-Teacher conferences as scheduled. Information regarding the cancelling of the conferences will be delivered on Thursday via Remind101, Facebook, “Robo Calls,” and the school district website, <>.”

Students are already scheduled for an early dismissal on Thursday anyway, as is the case on each of the Parent/Teacher Conference days throughout the school year. Students are also scheduled to be out of school on Friday, which is also typical following a Parent/Teacher Conference day.

In lieu of those circumstances, and the current pattern of wintery weather that Moore County has experienced lately, Moorehead addressed that in his statement also.

“While Friday of this week appears to be a good opportunity to “make up” a snow day, we do not currently need to do so. We have three “snow days” remaining at this point,” said Moorehead. “The Commissioner of education has established an appeal process for up to three instructional days lost due to inclement weather.

“If we are in need of this appeal by the end of March (the deadline set by the Commissioner), an appeal will be filed. I am unsure as to the likelihood of the appeal being granted, but an effort will be made if needed.”