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Metro-Moore County Sheriff’s Dept. urges, ‘Be a Parent, Not a Peer’

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 3:46 pm

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — The Metro-Moore County Sheriff’s Department is requesting that all of Moore County’s adults and parents join with the Sheriff’s department to become leaders of community youth by resisting the urge to become a peer to them or their friends.

The department wants to warn all adults that if they allow their child or any other minor child to have a party on their property and alcohol is consumed by underage youth, they will be held responsible. They will also be held responsible if that child is involved in an alcohol related accident after leaving the property.

Civil and criminal liability makes clear — it is your responsibility to know if alcohol is being consumed on your property by a minor.

Binge drinking tends to go together with not wearing seat belts. Underage drinkers are a major road hazard. Only 10 percent of licensed drivers are under age 21, yet they are responsible for 17 percent of fatal alcohol-related crashes.

Contributing to the problem is that underage drinkers have a tendency to binge drink. The blood alcohol content (BAC) of victims of intoxicated, underage car accidents is, on average, five times the legal limit.

Underage drinkers are more reckless and less likely to wear a seat belt. The BAC required for an underage driver to be charged with DUI is .02, which requires only a small amount of alcohol to achieve, as indicated by the chart below:

04-07-15 BAC Chart