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Metro Moore Council Minutes

Posted on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 10:07 am

March 1
On March 1, the Metropolitan Lynchburg/Moore County Council held the meeting that had originally been scheduled for February 15 but was postponed due to inclement weather. Twelve members of the council were present while three were absent.
Arvis Bobo, Policy and Procedure Board Chairman, kicked off the meeting’s list of topics by stating that the board had recently completed updating the policies in the Personnel Policy Handbook that had not been updated in roughly 20 years. Everyone on the board voted to accept the new and improved version of the handbook.
With regard to elections and appointments, Chasity Lentz’s Notary Public application, Dana Foster’s Notary Bond application, and Cathy Stewart’s Notary Public application were all approved by the council with a unanimous vote. There was no old business to address, so the council immediately shifted to the subject of the Road List from the Moore County Highway Department. Ridgeville Road is the only one that is set to be paved, but it is mandatory that the list of roads be approved every year. The council approved the list and the change to Ridgeville Road, and the council then approved the proposed changes on Zoning Map 036, Parcel 034.03 that was brought forth by Denning Harder.
Now that the health department has temporarily been relocated to 12 Magnolia Drive, the mayor stated that the time had come for the county offices to retrieve anything of use or value from the old building before its demolition. The motion was made to make the old building a surplus so that it could be removed from the insurance and be made ready for destruction, and the motion passed unanimously.
Toward the end of the meeting, the last point of discussion was brought forth by the mayor when she mentioned that she is still awaiting TDEC approval for a place where citizens could bring the broken limbs that were left from last month’s storm.

March 15
One member was absent from the meeting, and the health department that had been discussed at the last meeting was added to the agenda for this meeting as well. After the last meeting’s minutes were approved, Amy Cashion stated that the budget committee had met and discussed the receiving of amendments to the budget that they would then review on March 23. The budget process would then begin, and at a later date, more information will be presented to the board.
Amy Laster was approved as notary public, and then the board voted in favor of second and third readings of rezoning map 036, parcel 034.03 for A-1 TO R-1 and the approval of the revised employee manual. The mayor had stated earlier that because it had been the decided that the old health department would be changed to the category of surplus, its contents also needed to be approved for surplus status so that people can retrieve what they want from the building. The motion was made and passed unanimously.
Most of the meeting was spent discussing whether the town should apply for the Randy Boyd grant for dog parks. After a spicy debate on Facebook earlier in the day, the people at the meeting had another thorough discussion regarding the wisdom of the decision. The mayor asked grant writer Sarah McLeod to provide more information on the subject, and it was explained that UT president Randy Boyd had decided that he wanted to help Tennessee become the most pet-friendly state in the country. He created a non-matching grant that would allow cities the funds to build suitable dog parks, and the grant had already completed two rounds. A total of 67 grants have been given so far with great success, and the grant is on its third and final round of dispersal. Peggy Blackburn asked about the costs, liability, and insurance, and several people were concerned about the amount of money and maintenance that would be required from the town after the park was built. The grant money only pays for the construction of a park, so if anything were to happen after that, the grant money would not cover it. The vote was a 7-7 tie, which meant that the motion failed and that there will be no application process to pursue the grant money.