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METRO COUNCIL: Park improvements discussed

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 1:25 pm

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — With minimal improvements made at Wiseman Park just before spring and only a few loose ends like painting and cleaning restrooms remaining there for the time being, the Metro Lynchburg Moore County Council has turned its focus toward improvements and upgrades at the Metro Lynchburg Moore County Park on Main St.

Last month Mayor Sloan Stewart said he’d like to move forward with some small projects at the new park, among them, a series of pavilions that were previously discussed among Lynchburg’s youth baseball, youth softball and youth football leagues.

During Monday’s regular April monthly meeting of the Metro Council, council members heard from Lynchburg Youth Football League president Matthew Scruggs, who said the football league, which is for kids ages 6 through sixth grade, would like to put a permanent field within the community’s newest park.

While the league currently plays its home games on Saturdays at Moore County High School and other games on the road, the teams typically practice on the old baseball and softball fields at Wiseman Park.

“We had talked about trying to put in a football field for the youth league to practice on, which could also be used as a soccer field later on or for (other) community use, however they see fit,” said Scruggs.

After talking with park board member Larry Moorehead, Scruggs brought a layout and a proposed site plan to the council on Monday.

The proposed field would lay adjacent — to the left of or south toward Woodard’s Market — to the middle school baseball field, which is the largest field to the far left if entering the park from the Main St. entrance.

“About the only spot that we could find that’s not swampland or more in the water of the flood zone is up in this corner, which that stretches over to where the old barn used to sit,” Scruggs added.

Scruggs said there would need to be grade work done, and most likely tiles put in to alleviate drainage issues in that area.

Along with the proposed field is fencing, a walking trail around the field, three pavilions and a couple of bridge ways over the low lying drainage area at the edge of the parking lot for pedestrians to enter the park area without having to walk all the way up to the main entrance near the current concessions and restroom area.

The total price tag would be close to $60,000 before any donations are made.

“The youth league wants to put $15,000 toward this project,” said Scruggs. “The Jack Daniels major gift board has also said they would give us $15,000 to go along with ours to put toward this project.”

Scruggs said he was hoping to have another donation to possibly cover the estimated $15,000 cost of the walking trail around the field.  That could get the money needed to complete the entire project, which includes three pavilions, down to $15,000 or less. The pavilions would also aid in getting players and spectators during baseball games out of harm’s way in case of bad weather.

Scruggs didn’t ask the council for any money on Monday night. Rather, he asked for permission to start work on the proposed football practice field, which would be the first phase of the project.

“The intent is to get the field started and to get the fence up after we get the field started,” he said, adding they’d like to start working on the field in May. “The Moore County Youth Football League is just asking for permission to start.”

Patrick Maynard made the motion to allow the league permission to start work on the football field. It was seconded by Tommy Brown and passed by unanimous roll call vote. Amy Cashion was the only council member not present.


Metro Budget Committee

The Council heard a 30-second report from the Budget Committee on Monday night.

“We’ve (the budget committee) been meeting for the last I guess two or three weeks … we’ve had three or four meetings,” said Budget Committee chairman Tommy Brown. “We’re making some progress finally. I ain’t got a lot to report yet. That’s about all I got.”

The Budget Committee is scheduled to meet again on Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the American Legion Building. The meeting is open to the public.


Water Dept. report

Effective as soon as the county’s current contract with the Tullahoma Utility Board ends, the water department will no longer purchase water from T.U.B. for its Cobb Hollow line according to Metro Utility Department manager Brooke Fanning. Fanning said her office had sent T.U.B. a letter stating its intention not to renew the contract.

“It will be changed over (in November). We are ready to go,” Fanning informed the council Monday night. “We are just waiting to fulfil our terms of our contract.”