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Metro Council approves its committees for 2020

Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 11:20 am

The Metropolitan Council approved its committees at Monday night’s meeting.

Serving this year, by committee are:

Budget: Amy Cashion, Chair; John Taylor; Gordon Millsaps; David Boyce; Gerald Burnett.

Finance: Lynn Harrison, Chair; Sandy Lewis; Wayne Hawkins; Keith Moses; Shawn Adams.

Industrial Board: Tommy Brown, Chair; Sunny Rae Moorehead; Wayne Hawkins; Keith Moses; Arvis Bobo.

Policy and Procedure: Arvis Bobo, Chair; Sunny Rae Moorehead; Meghan Bailey; Houston Lindsey; Gerald Burnett.

Ambulance-Fire-Jail: David Boyce, Chair; Amy Cashion; John Taylor; Houston Lindsey; Denning Harder.

Building and Grounds: Sandy Lewis, Chair; Meghan Bailey; Houston Lindsey; Shawn Adams; Denning Harder.

Highway Advisory: Wayne Hawkins, Chair; Sandy Lewis;  Gordon Millsaps; Arvis Bobo; Denning Harder.