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Message boards all a buzz about Raider game

Posted on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 at 8:11 am

As Friday night’s TSSAA second round kick off between the Moore County Raiders and Eagleville Eagles approaches, local high school sports message boards heated up with debate and commentary about the game.

On, many posters agreed that the Moore County Eagleville game could be close.

“Should be a great game. Could go either way. Being a homer, I go with Eagleville because of their balanced offense and finally they are healthy. Lots of injuries this year,” said a person identified as goforthegoal.

“I give the edge to Moore Co. because they are playing at home. Eagleville has to deal with the speed that MC will bring to the game, and providing MC lays off of some of the holding calls Moore Co. wins by 14 points,” rebutted oldraiderfan.
The Raiders season long battle with late holding calls was also an issue up for discussion.

“Here is Moore County’s problem in a nutshell; they need to learn to disengage after the running back is past them,” stated a Coach T user named trainer.

“You can block your opponent and you can grab a hand full of shirt and not get caught as long as you keep your hands inside the shoulder pads … but when your opponent rolls off your block and you are still holding on to that shirt the flags are gonna fly,” explained another poster named competitor.

In the discussion of Mr. Football candidates, two Raiders names were thrown into the ring.

“Matt Taggett for Moore County has approximately 1500 all-purpose yards and is a huge threat on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He is an elusive tailback and a hard hitting strong safety,” said fbrocks.

“Also consider JP Evans from Moore County. This young man has helped the Raiders go 9-0 all year,” said another poster named ndrocks.

Should Moore County win on Friday night, they will face the winner of the South Pittsburgh (7-3) vs. Gordonsville (9-1) game.