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MCHS Softball Team Begins Season on a High Note

Posted on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 11:26 am

The Moore County Raiderettes Softball team’s season is off to a promising start with a 12-8 win against Shelbyville Central. The first inning was a bit slow, but Metcalf managed to hit a fly ball and get a double on the bottom of the second inning. McLaughlin then managed to get to first base after hitting a ground ball, allowing Metcalf to proceed to third, and Chloe Brazier got the team on the board after getting a double. Lund managed to nab a triple, making Moore County’s score total at the end of the end of the second inning five points.

In the top end of the third inning, Shelbyville managed to get on the board with a total of three points. Moore County maintained a comfortable lead through most of the game with points made by Dangerfield and Lund. Shelbyville came very close to a tie during the top of the fifth inning when Burks and Winfrey scored back-to-back early on. After Harris tripled a ball a couple of plays later, Rippy, Lineberger, and Smith all scored and raised Shelbyville’s score to 8. Moore County, put Shelbyville’s scoring to an end and solidified their lead in the bottom of the sixth inning. Lund and Moorehead both singled ground balls right away, getting Moore County’s score to 10. Moorehead and Dangerfield attained the last two points getting to the final total of 12 points. The Raiderettes attempted to add more points to the board, but the team had five outs during the rest of the game. There was no scoring in the seventh inning, leaving the score 12-8 and giving the softball team its first win of the season. Congratulations, Raiderettes!