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MCHS band booster club receives $5,000 windfall

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:17 am

Farmers Bank of Lynchburg, on behalf of the Clayton Family Foundation, presents a $5,000 donation to the Moore County Band Boosters. Excited band members, parents and employees gather around booster club vice president Cathy Carpenter as she accepts the check from Farmers Bank representative Clint Hayes. (Photo Provided)

Fundraising for booster clubs isn’t a fun job. It’s certainly not an easy one, especially in small communities where everyone seems to have a hand out.

Still, every youth organization needs funds to operate. And with state budgets tightening their purse strings, those funds have become harder and harder to come by. Travel expenses, including food for students, simply aren’t in the school’s budget anymore. That leaves most parents holding the bill.

To help offset these costs, clubs and organizations at Moore County’s middle school and high school have to scrap for every cent. And more times than not, it’s the athletic clubs who end up getting the bigger piece of the pie.

So when the Farmer’s Bank of Moore County presented a check for $5,000 to the Moore County High School band booster club, the 60-plus members who will benefit from the money — both middle school and high school — felt as though they’d just hit the lotto.

“When Mr. Clayton said he might have some money to donate to a worthy cause, of course I put my hand up,” said Billie Jo Adams, a Farmer’s Bank employee and a member of the MCHS band boosters. “We were just hoping for a donation. We were overwhelmed and overjoyed that they gave us anything, let alone $5,000.”

According to Adams, the money will go a long way. The band has several instruments in need of repair, as well as a need for some additional uniforms.

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By ROBERT HOLMAN (Robert Holman is the editor of the Moore County News. He may be reached at