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Marching to a new beat

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 9:15 am

By Sarah Raymond

Moore County High School is pleased to welcome Greg Jones, the man who has been
hired as the new band director and will begin his new role in a couple of weeks. Prior to Moore County, Jones was the band director at Jefferson County High School for 10 years and has held the title of band director at five other schools as well.

Jones began his musical career at the young age of five when he began to take piano lessons. While he was not fond of this pastime, music still ran his blood due to his being born into a musical family. He became involved in his school band during the seventh grade when his football coach informed the team that they could choose between school choir or school band as a part of their schedule. Jones opted to join band as singing was not his forte, and this has led to pursuing music in college and 35 years of directing school bands.

Jones happened upon this opportunity at MCHS when his wife accepted an associate pastor position at King’s Cross Church. He stated that his career path has allowed him to be able to find work wherever his wife finds a position in ministry, and while he misses the many wonderful friends he has made in his career, he and his wife are excited to become involved in the community of Moore County and begin a new chapter in their lives.

Toward the end of July, Jones will begin instructing around 30 kids, but he would love to see more join the list of band students. He added that he waits to determine what goals he wants to set for the year until he has the chance to meet his new pupils
and gauge where they are in their musical skill. His priority is to enable them to develop their talents because he believes that “music is life-enhancing.” He wants his practices to be educational to meet his students where there are so that they can take the necessary steps to succeed, but he also wants them to make memories that they will value.

Jones looks forward to beginning his position, and he has been quite impressed with
the people he has met in Moore County thus far. Teaching is his passion, and he is ready and willing to share his knowledge with those who share his love and admiration for music.