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Lynchburg girl doing well after second heart transplant

Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 10:55 am

Lynchburg’s Adrianne Ross has been released from the hospital after her second heart transplant. The expenses associated with her surgery have taken a toll on the family of seven. A fundraising web page has been set up at

Never, never, never give up

When Winston Churchill uttered the famous quote “Never, never, never give up”, he may very well have had Adrianne in mind. Lynchburg resident Adrianne Ross has just been released from the hospital after receiving the second heart transplant of her young life. Adrianne was officially put back on the heart transplant list October 1, 2017 at the age of twenty after receiving her first new heart at just nine years old. The journey begins Adrianne’s Journey began July 14, 1997 when she was one week old and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Adrianne spent the first four months of her life at University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. On December 12, 1998 at 17 months old Dr. Mayer, at Boston Children’s Hospital, repaired her mitral valve avoiding a transplant. Adrianne grew and thrived as did her heart and was happy just like any other child. Right before her 9th birthday on July 7, 2006 Adrianne went into heart failure again. Adrianne was then placed on the transplant list in December of 2006. The family moved from their Murfreesboro home to Ozark AL to be with their entire family for emotional support. Her siblings Ashley, Hunter, Britney and Taylor went to live with their grandparents in South Alabama while Adrianne and her parents moved to Birmingham AL while waiting on Adrianne’s heart transplant. Adrianne received her 1st heart transplant on May 26, 2007. Her donor came from a 12 year old boy from North Carolina. Adrianne has spent time getting to know her donor’s mother. A Dream Fulfilled Adrianne dreamed of going to the Transplant Games. The games are a multi-sport festival event to help promote the need for Organ, Eye, and Tissue donation. The purpose is to show the world that transplantation is a treatment that does indeed work. In order to attend she would have to raise at least $500. Adrianne set out to raise the money for herself but also raise enough so others could also go. During recovery after her 1st heart transplant, Adrianne set up a lemonade/cookie stand as well as a nail salon in her hospital room. On the 5th floor of Children’s Hospital Adrianne painted nails of nurses, reporters and anyone else that would stop by her room. As a result of the lemonade and cookie stand and nail salon, Adrianne raised $31,377. Her story became one of the profiled stories on The National Kidney Foundations website, and they awarded her a merit award for her fundraising efforts. Adrianne realized her dream of participating in the Transplant Games. Return to The Transplant List Adrianne was officially put back on the heart transplant list October 1, 2017. Adrianne had become so sick that she would have to remain at UAB until a donor heart could be found. Once again her family would be separated. On October 18, 2017 Adrianne was told they had found her a heart. The donor heart was being ß own from Florida. That night at 10:30 PM Adrianne was taken into surgery. Four hours into surgery they would have to abort the surgery. The donor heart was damaged due to the injuries resulting from the car accident the donor was in. And Adrianne’s heart had enlarged so much it had attached her sternum and the surgeon’s fear was that she would bleed to death before they could get her on the bypass machine. Doctors did not know if she would survive long enough to find another donor heart. Adrianne was placed as A1 status on the heart transplant list because at any time she could go into cardiac arrest. On October 26, 2017 Adrianne was told they had found her a heart. It was healthy and perfect. “I was asked the hardest question I ever had to answer, especially at 20 years old. That question was “Do you want to try to this transplant with a 70% chance of living, try another surgery & then wait on another heart (that may not come), or go home?,” Adrianne said. “I was willing to go home, celebrate what few months I would have left with my family. But as I was talking to my dad something just told me “You can do this.” “And so I proceeded with the transplant and now I’m going home. Moral of my story is when life pushes you down, get up, get back on that playing field because every time you do another part of you falls into place,” she continued. “I told my surgeon I’m scared!” the surgeon told me “I know I am too. But I’m going to use the skills God gave me and we are going to leave the rest up to God!,” Adrianne said with smiling eyes. Adrianne told her father “I don’t know what to do daddy.” He replied “Baby I think we need to take our chances and go through with the transplant and when you recover we will take that dream Family Disney Cruise.” The Journey Continues With the medical expenses piling up, loss of wages, living at a hospital, and a family of seven back home, expenses are beginning to take its toll on the family. Adrianne and her family spent several months separated for the last surgery but they have been reunited since Adrianne has now been released from UAB. She will reside in an apartment in Birmingham for the next several weeks as extensive follow-up visits with her medical team are crucial during early recovery. Her recovery will continue for months to come and will, no doubt, be challenging physically, emotionally and financially. A fundraising web page has been set up at Adrianne loves getting mail. Church groups, club organizations, youth groups, Sunday School classes and individuals are encouraged to contact Adrianne at: Adrianne Ross C/O Sandy Sides 133 South Pine Drive, Jasper, AL 35504 Email: Facebook: Adrianne’s Heart Transplant Journey