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Lynchburg couple launches new weight loss business

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Health and wellness leader MonaVie has launched a weight loss movement it is calling the 90-day MonaVie RVLution, using its RVL Premier Weight Management System in combination with Venice Nutrition Creator and New York Times best-selling author Mark Macdonald’s Body Confidence program. Locally, the program is being kicked off on March 17 at the Red Dragon Martial Arts School led by local resident Ronnie Blankenship.

“The beauty of this program is that it’s not a diet,” Says Blankenship. “This is a 90-day complete weight management program that focuses on blood sugar stabilization – the key to sustainable, long-term weight management success. We invite anyone who had tried a diet and failed to come and join us on March 17. Our message is ‘Ditch the diet and join the RVLution!’ to gain control of your weight and health once and for all.”

Nutrition expert Macdonald, who serves as spokesperson for RVLution, says that the MonaVie program merges “the best weight loss product with the most complete weight management plan on the market,” and that those who commit to the program will see significant, sustainable results. He adds that RVL products and the Body Confidence program are designed to stabilize blood sugar, which prevents the body from storing fat or burning muscle. Balanced blood sugar also cures the body of hunger pangs and cravings that can easily derail those trying to lose weight.

Macdonald explains the program focuses on three key principles: frequent meals that keep blood sugar levels steady and help prevent overeating and blood sugar spikes; maintaining correct nutrition ratios – getting the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in every meal; and managing meal size – eating smaller meals every few hours keeps blood sugar levels steady. It also features 30 minutes of physical activity five to seven days a week.

Blankenship says the event on March 17 is free to the public and will consist of education, free product sampling and light exercise. A free 30-45 minute workout session will be led by a fitness trainer, and participants who are interested will be weighed and measured to kick off their own personal “RVLution.”

Blankenship says this meeting is only the first in a series of regular meetings that will be held to encourage and support those who decide to join the 90-day RVLution.