Property Transfers

Moore County Property Transfers

Retreat at Whiskey Creek, LLC and The Retreat at Whiskey Creek, LLC to John and Carol Morris. $78,900.

Jeremy S. Lee to Chris Benson. $147,000.

Jeff Ross, Bobby King, and Brandon Ross to Deadra Renea Tucker. $446,106.

William A. Madewell, Sr. and William A. Madewell, Jr. to Clint C. Marshall. District 2. $190,000.

Doug D. and Kristin Hamrick to Bradlet and Judy Anderson. District 1. $29,500.

Patricia Ann Matlock to John Dakota and Kayla Ashley Matlock. District 5. Quitclaim.

Janice L. Ross to LCR2 Holdings, LLC. $148,233.82.

Lewis Wayne McGee to Wesley Allen Taylor. District 11. $25,000.

Bradley and Michelle Eslick to Kevin Wayne and Amanda Reed. District 2. $420,000.

Janet Brock and JSE Enterprises to Adam and Rikki Stubblefield. District 11. $7,500.

Linda Thoma to Busch and Linda Thoma. District 2. Quitclaim.

Retreat at Whiskey Creek, LLC to Carey and Kirstin Young. $103,900.

Jerre M. Hood and Mary B. Motlow Trust to Mary to Richman. District 1. Quitclaim.

Michael H. Owen Virginia William Stewart. District 7. $170,000.

Larry and Pam Hensley to Wesley and Priscilla Hamblin. District 6. $60,135.

Kyle K. Lausee-Trustee and Kyle Lausee Family Trust to Robert Rynders-Trustee, and Robert A. Rynders Revocable Trust. District 2. $1,300,000.

Carolyn Louise Antes Marshall to Joshua Frye. District 2. $240,000.

Hilario Aguilar Martinez and Jennifer Dianne Aguilar to Billy Leon Hennessee. District 10. $135,000.

Robert Lewis Seffens to Tyler Lewis Seffens. District 8. $16,000.

Michael Ray Brown to Misty Dawn Moorehead Brown. District 9. Quitclaim.

Melba D Powell to Timothy Lamar Rodabough. District 8. $84,030

Carolyn Jacobs to Haden Lee Eggleston. District 2. $240,000

Ingram Capitol Ventures Inc to Thomas J and Catherine L Campbell Kerwin. District 7. $1,150,000

Kevin & Wendy Hart to Swanson Properties LLC. District 6. $500,000

Annie Lou Tomlin to Jacqueline Nelms. Quitclaim

Richard Bruer & Jeff Whaley to Jeff Whaley & Wendy Whaley. District 2. Quitclaim

Martha J Schrader to Dehn Annette. $249,900

Retreat at Whiskey Creek to Guillermo A Vulcano & Veronica Aguzzi. $72,900

Robbie Redd to Theda B Allen. District 2. Quitclaim

Theda B Allen to Robbie Redd. District 2. Quitclaim

Jason Moran to Joe L. Hill III District 10. $75,000

Bruce William Burt to SK Realty Team INC. District 2. $55,000

Shirley McArthur Graham, Phillip Allan, Dorothy McArthur Sherrill to Dorothy J Sherrill & James R Sherrill. District 10. Quitclaim

Shirley McArthur Graham & Dorothy McArthur Sherrill to McArthur Phillip Allan. District 10. Quit Claim

Shirley McArthur Graham, Phillip Allan, Dorothy McArthur Sherrill to Shirley B Russell and Russell Graham. District 10. Quitclaim

Wilford Jerry Steelman, Jerry Steelman & Pamela Sue Steelman to Mabel Holloway. District 8. $570,000

Robert Lee Gilliam III and Cindy Gilliam to Robert Lee III Trustee/Gilliam Family Living Trust. District 10. Quitclaim

Robert T. and Anita M Gordon to Dalton Edgar and Leslie Laran Jones. District 11. $274,900

Aaron Nunley/ Nunley Excavating LLC to Jed Michael & Nicole Jones. District 2. $60,000

Tracy Lynn Taylor to Thomas Edward Burt. District 10. $40,000

 Mattie Prince to Mattie Prince and Carla Singleton. District 3. Quitclaim

Nunley Excavating LLC to Robert Edde District 2. $40,000

Sharon Harris/ Estate of Warren Christy to Aaron William and Amanda Faye Hasty. District 8. $109,872

Sharon Harris/ Estate of Warren Christy to Crystal Sudberry District 8. $225,000

Joshua and Vivian Ashford to Craig B Moates. District 10. $340,000

Nunley Excavating LLC to Joshua David and Justice Jones. District 2. $60,000

Allen Hughes and Daphne Ann Campbell to Tennessee Homes LLC Trustee. District 2. $64,524.26

Joseph and Theresa Acampora to Barry and Carmen Posluszny. District 2. $40,000

Nunley Excavating to David Michael and Melinda Paul District 2. $60,000

Karen Beth and Ronnie Blankenship to Jacob and Samantha Butler. District 2. $325,000

Joshua Richert to Michelle Hardin and Tanya Thompson. District 9. $115,000

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