January’s Moore County School Board Meeting

The Moore County Board of Education met in regular session at the Board of Education Building on the evening of January 9th with all board members in attendance.  The previous minutes from November’s meeting were approved (the board did not meet in December).  For November’s monthly policy review, the board approved changes in Policy 4.700 related to testing standards for home schooled, church, or private school transfer students, which is already practiced in Moore County.  Superintendent Chad Moorehead stated that he is doubling up on policy review this month for December and January, and there are no recommended changes.

Though there is no way to know what the school district’s budget will be for the 2023-24 school year, Mr. Moorehead has started preliminary planning and asked the members of the board for their input on suggested budget needs.  Board member Greg Thompson responded with asking what the two schools’ Principals big-ticket items may be and if the superintendent had anything in mind for next year.  Mr. Moorehead shared that is mandatory by state law for Principal input on yearly budgets and that they have until the end February to compile their information, and that departments in the schools also have an opportunity to share their wish lists.  As far as his own personal big-ticket item, Mr. Moorehead intends to focus on pay increases for staff in the coming year to stay competitive for new-hires with nearby schools.  As the school funding model recently changed, surrounding school districts stand to gain millions in funding while Moore County’s low population and low poverty rates mean very little increases in spending. 

A new partnership between the University of Tennessee- Southern and Department of Education will mean new opportunities for Teacher’s Assistants (T.A.).  The ‘Grow your Own’ program will allow T.A.’s to apply for the opportunity to work towards their education degree and licensing while working in the school system.  County participation in the program was approved by the school board, and one T.A. at the high school is already planning on using ‘Grow your Own’ in order to pursue a Special Education degree.

The Comptroller Audit results have still not been released, the longest that Mr. Moorehead recalls them taking.  Amanda Thompson has moved to the LES office, filling Mrs. Betsy Reeves role as receptionist/secretary.  Mrs. Beth Cashion has been hired to fill Mrs. Thompson’s role as teacher assistant.