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Local Man’s Creation Preserves Stories within Lynchburg

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 10:35 am

There are a laundry list of pros and cons when it comes to technology, but for many, it has been a transformative and life-changing invention. It has been a vital tool for communication, building businesses, advertising, and entertainment because it allows users the freedom to explore and learn on their own. One Moore Countian decided to try something new last year, and he has now created a podcast that has helped to capture the wonderful stories and memories stored within Lynchburg.

Benji Garland is a 28-yearold fourth-grade teacher who began his podcast The Big Ben Show last year. He has used his platform to interview citizens of Moore County, and in the process, it has given him the ability to build special bonds with the people in his community through the power of storytelling and the sharing of untold wisdom.

When describing how his podcast began, Garland stated, “I got started with two cheap USB microphones and my computer. The early guests were some troopers and had to endure a lot, but I had a lot of questions about people from around town that I wanted to ask. I wanted to have conversations with them, and I knew that by doing a podcast, I could get them to tell their story. A couple episodes down I realized that
I was creating my own journal with this podcast and that my guests are a part of this special journey.”

Like all other skills and disciplines, Garland’s project has required many hours of work and collaboration. The end result has created something that he is extremely proud to call his own though, and he encourages all people to pursue their aspirations

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