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Growing the Church

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 11:15 am

As members of a local church, we want our church to be fruitful. What can we “workers in the vineyard” do to cultivate a productive church? First we have to get the soil right. A quick “soil analysis” will make sure we have four important ingredients: Hospitality. Friendly greetings loosen the soil and allow deep roots to take hold. My husband and I spent a year visiting small, rural churches. In each church, we were overwhelmed with the warm and friendly atmosphere. Not only the pastor and the designated greeters, but most of the congregation went out of their way to welcome us and to actually thank us for visiting their church. Communication and Caring. Following-up with visitors and new members and contact with members who are absent provides the moisture that keeps a church fresh and alive. A mixture of newsletters, telephone chains, e-mail and social media provides needed irrigation that keeps information flowing and the church family connected. Encouragement. Decide to become a “good-finder” by appreciating the work others do for the benefit of our church and its mission. A pat on the back or a sincere “thank you” supplies the nourishment needed for healthy growth. Daily Prayer. Every aspect of the church needs prayer. When the soil is right and the seeds of God’s Word are planted in the hearts and minds of the congregation, prayer will bring the warm light of the Holy Spirit to stir growth and revival in the church. What a bountiful harvest there will be! Positive Words: “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest” (John 4:35b NIV). Positive Walk: Pray for your church daily, using the following outline as a guide: Monday: Unity in the church; forgiveness and understanding among members. Tuesday: Growth in programs for children, youth and young adults—the future of the church. Wednesday: Growth in the music program. Pray for strength, patience, and dedication of choir members and musicians. Thursday: God’s leadership in the church building and maintenance programs. Friday: Guidance in all the church programs, committees and projects. May leaders pray before planning. Saturday: The pastor, teachers and leaders as they prepare for worship. Sunday: A revival of faith and spirituality among church members. May God become the priority in our lives