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Gov. Lee: High school football will take the field this fall

Posted on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 10:00 am

By David Knox

Gov. Bill Lee said Monday “there’s good news if you want to play football” and that it and girls soccer “are going to be part of the landscape this fall.”

Gov. Bill Lee

Lee said he and his office have been working with the TSSAA to make that happen this fall. He added that the extension of his executive order to Aug. 31 wouldn’t necessarily preclude football and girls soccer from talking the field.

“It’s pretty clear that football and soccer are going to be part of the landscape this fall,” Lee said. “The executive order that I extended to the end of August was like many of the executive orders that extended the emergency declaration … to allow for certain regulations to be extended … but it doesn’t mean that everything that is included in the previous executive order is extended to Aug. 31, which in this case means football and soccer.

“We fully expect football and soccer to be a part of the landscape. We are working with the TSSAA, and are working aggressively with them. We asked them to give us what they believe is the safe guidance to practice and to play football and soccer. We wanted to make certain that those recommendations by them fit within the broad guidelines that we have going forward.

“I expect we’ll have those suggestions shortly from the TSSAA and they are working with our administration because we both would like to have football and soccer. We just want to make sure it’s very clear to all the schools out there and all the parents out there what it’s going to look like. But I think there’s good news if you want to play football.”