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From the Civil War to Today:  Finding HOPE at The Hopestead

Posted on Thursday, September 2, 2021 at 9:54 am

The Hopestead

By Shelly Maynard




a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, a feeling of trust


Reading and watching the news leaves us often feeling empty and without HOPE in today’s world. Many people choose vacations as their escape from these daily reminders. Lynchburg has become one of the small towns that attract visitors looking for that escape. Our town offers a beautiful place to clear your head, enjoy time with your loved ones, and reconnect with a more peaceful environment that gives us HOPE.

Empty-nesters, Michael and Vanessa Hall, began looking for a place where they could find a sense of peace and HOPE of their own. They stumbled upon a charming 48-acre farm and felt the call for adventure. In November 2020, the couple, along with Vanessa’s father, began pouring their hearts and souls into the property. By summer 2021, they opened the doors of their home as a bed and breakfast to travelers from around the world. From floor to ceiling, you can see the love and HOPE in every detail.

Since the farm’s beginning in 1790, it has made a full circle of being owned by a veteran. The original owner and founder of the farm was a Revolutionary War veteran. Michael is a combat veteran of the U.S. Army. During the Civil War, the property served as a hospital, giving HOPE and healing to soldiers. Weary travelers will find HOPE during their adventures in the area.

The beautiful farmhouse has been renovated to keep several aspects of the original house while embracing a modern touch of comfort. The Halls have opened two rooms to accommodate guests while offering the comforts of your own home. A full breakfast is available each morning of your stay and you will be delighted to find Vanessa’s home-baked goodies awaiting your return in the evenings. Vanessa’s chocolate chip cookies are delightful bites of soft, chocolatey goodness.

Vanessa and Michael both consider themselves “foodies” and have an affinity for assorted cuisines. This is evident through their breakfast offerings of a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal to the Low Country option of shrimp and grits. Throughout the day, you can also grab a glass of sweet tea, water, or a cup of coffee at their coffee bar in the sunroom.

From the front porch to the sunroom, there are a plethora of opportunities to relax and absorb the peacefulness of the property. Enjoy a stunning morning sunrise or sunset on a walk or hike. If you are up for a challenge against your traveling partner or other guests, you can indulge in a game of corn hole or horseshoes.

The second floor of the home offers two guest rooms:  The Honey and The Magnolia. The Honey master suite is named for the color of the antique chairs that were left behind with the home. An indulgent king-sized bed is adorned with cozy cotton sheets, a downy soft comforter, and pillows to dream your worries away on. The Magnolia is named for the tree that offers cooling shade in the summer. This room also features a king-sized bed dressed in comforting linens. Enjoy a shareable bathroom with a clawfoot tub and plush bath towels. For larger parties, additional beds are available. With each stay, guests will discover a custom-selected small box of chocolates that Vanessa hand-selected at Velma’s on Lynchburg’s Historic Square in an effort to support local!

In addition to housing guests, the Halls love sharing the history of the home and their adventures in bringing life back into the home. The delightful couple is passionate about bringing HOPE to their guests’ stay and the community. They are both vibrant and full of experience that finds its way into your heart, offering inspiration to carry that HOPE with you on your next journey. Call and schedule a visit to discover a piece of history and visit with one of the newest, sweetest couples in Lynchburg!

The Hopestead Bed and Breakfast is located at 378 Duck Branch Road, Fayetteville, slightly under five miles outside of Lynchburg. Schedule your next peaceful stay by visiting You can also follow the happenings on Facebook @TheHopestead and Instagram @the.hopestead.