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Flipping into a new season

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 10:08 am

By Sarah Raymond

Jana Brown always wanted to cheer when she was in school, but she was never able to do so; however, she has been able to find another way to achieve her goal of becoming involved in cheerleading. She became the assistant coach for the Moore County High School cheerleading team last year, and now, she has moved all the way up to head coach.

Brown stated that she has been able to learn a lot from her daughter who has been doing cheer for the past nine years. Although she was not able to pursue the activity she loved in her younger years, Brown has given her daughter the opportunity she did not have and has experienced this activity alongside her. She also noted that Liza Buchanan, who was the head coach last year and will be the assistant coach this year, has helped her immensely in preparing to coach the 13 girls
who are currently a part of this year’s varsity squad.

The cheerleaders typically try out in March, start their practices in May, and work throughout the summer to be prepared for football and basketball season. These practices are held two nights every week, and the cheerleaders focus on core, arm, and leg workouts so that they can safely perform their stunts on the field or on the court. They also participate in an annual summer camp to focus on stunt work, and once the fall athletic season goes into effect, they perform at every football and basketball game.

Brown stated that, for this season, she would like to organize more pep rallies. According to her, “COVID kept us from
having more than two [pep rallies] last year.” She would also like to see her cheerleaders become closer and work on extra
routines that they can use for special occasions.

While cheerleading is hard work and a significant time commitment, the girls are passionate about what they do and getting to interact with the fans. Brown added, “Our cheerleaders love it when the crowd gets excited and involved during games. We have a great group of young ladies who work very hard, and they feel that hard work is worth it when people cheer along and participate.” The Moore County cheerleading program is looking forward to beginning the new school year and to welcome the returning crowd of smiling fans to the games.