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Finest nurse does whatever it takes

Posted on Friday, July 23, 2021 at 11:41 am

In April of 2021, Tekoa Bradford was named Elk Valley’s Finest CNA for her work at the Lynchburg Nursing Center after members of the community cast their votes. Heidi Pino wrote on behalf of the nursing center that Bradford “became interested in nursing after her grandmother had a stroke.” Bradford helped to take care of her during that time, and she has now been a CNA for over 11 years. She has spent seven of those years working at the Lynchburg Nursing Center and has grown quite attached to the family she has found there. After working at the nursing home for only 11 months, Bradford was bestowed the Whatever It Takes Award, and this is one of her favorite memories from her years there. Residents, visitors, families, and coworkers could nominate a worker for the award, and Bradford was selected as the recipient. She was honored to be told that she was going above and beyond to do her job. According to Bradford, “I enjoy putting smiles on my residents’ faces. I love walking down the halls, hearing them call me by name and expressing how appreciative they are to have me as their CNA.”

Bradford especially loves the familial atmosphere of the Lynchburg Nursing Center and noted that all of her patients hold a special place in her heart, even the ones who require a little more patience.

She knew that she was going into a difficult field by becoming a CNA, but she was ready to accept the challenge. She added, “I knew going into this field that you had to have a heart to take care of people, and I knew that there would be days and nights when I would take work home with me.”

For those who are interested in entering a similar field, she recommends that they learn their patients’ loved ones’ likes and dislikes. “Make sure your heart is in it and have tough skin because it is not always easy.”

Moving an elderly loved one to a nursing facility can be a difficult transition for all involved, but the staff at the Lynchburg Nursing Center strives to make that change as smooth as possible. Bradford added, “We are always willing and ready to take your loved ones in and treat them like they are our own loved ones.” She is grateful for the impact her workplace has had on her, and she looks forward to seeing your loved ones become a part of the fold.