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Double Shot Returns to Lynchburg Music Fest

Posted on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 1:22 pm


By Sarah Raymond
Andy and Lee Huffer, 24-year-old twins from Lynchburg and lead singers of the band Double Shot, will be performing at the third annual Lynchburg Music Fest with the likes of Hardy, Parmalee, and Cody Jinks. They stated that they cannot wait to perform with these artists they admire so greatly, and they never imagined that they
would get to the point they have today when the band first started.

The Huffer twins began singing when they were only three years old, and although they always enjoyed music, they never planned to start a band. In fact, Andy stated that if he had tried to plan the formation of the band, it never would have turned out as successfully as it has.

Before the Huffers started their band in 2018, they would sing at benefits, church, and festivals. Andy picked up a guitar as a teenager, and eventually, people began to ask him to perform at various events. He, his brother, and two sons of Lori Frame at BBQ Caboose came together due to these requests. The Huffers realized that they might be able to make something out of music. It did not have to be a hobby that they did at the
occasional event; instead, it could become a consistent aspect of their lives. As the band evolved, Lee picked up the fiddle to add to the set. Their music, confidence, and popularity have continued to grow over the past three years as they have developed their abilities.

The Huffer brothers are most excited to perform at the Lynchburg Music Festival because they will be able to play at home with their friends, and they stated that they are greatly honored to have this opportunity. They were able to play at the first Lynchburg Music Fest when they were still a very new band, but now that the event has grown, this year’s event will be their biggest show yet. When Andy and Lee began to pursue music seriously, having the ability to perform in Nashville was their end goal. They have played at breweries, marinas, private events, the Ole Red restaurant in Gatlinburg, Mexican restaurants, Mama’s Country in Lewisburg, and more in the pursuit of this goal. They recently were given the honor of becoming a part of the Tootises Circuit in Nashville, which means that they will now be performing in
Nashville on a regular basis. They were invited to perform at Margaritaville as well, but due to the rise of the coronavirus pandemic, this event had to be canceled. They are still thankful to have been invited, and they hope that they will still be able to perform in the future.

The brothers said that they play everything from Merle Haggard to Usher, and this versatile setlist in conjunction with their crew has allowed them to become crowd favorites. Their band now consists of five members, and they credit their sound tech Nathan Longwell with a great deal of their success.

Andy stated that Longwell always makes the sound quality of their performances top-notch and that he has been the backbone since becoming their sound tech in 2020, but he also did the audio engineering for their first singles that they released in 2019. He helps them to stay focused and encourages them to keep their eyes on the prize. The music industry is full of distractions, but the guidance of their friend and his continuous effort to enhance the quality of their performances has helped them to achieve their goals.

When they are not performing, the brothers work at UPS, which gives them a flexible enough schedule that they do not have to sacrifice their dreams in order to work. They got their start practicing at BBQ Caboose and the Frame household, and now, they will be regular performers in Nashville just like all the greats. These two have covered a lot of ground over the past three years, and they are incredibly grateful for the many
opportunities that they have been given by people who believed in them even when they did not believe in themselves.