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Dollar General construction progressing

Posted on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 10:00 am

Construction continues on the new Dollar General on Majors Blvd. Store officials expect the store to open in late fall or early winter 2015. (MCN Photo by Robert Holman)

Construction continues on the new Dollar General on Majors Blvd. Store officials expect the store to open in late fall or early winter 2015. (MCN Photo by Robert Holman)

LYNCHBURG, Tenn. — Construction continues to move forward steadily on the new Dollar General location on Majors Blvd. The new building at the corner of Majors and Elm St. is expected to be open tentatively in the late fall. With a November opening hopeful, Dollar General officials said they expect the store to be up and going well before Christmas.

It’s one of about 900 stores that the Goodlettsville-based company plans to relocate in 2015. According to company officials, Dollar General “anticipates opening 730 new stores in 2015 and plans to remodel or relocate an additional 875 stores (in 2015).”

“We relocate for numerous reasons,” said Dollar General Communication Coordinator Mary Katherine Colbert on Monday. “A lot of times the store needs updating and a lot of the time it’s just in our best interest to relocate or build a new store. A lot of times a better location will become available and we will relocate in order to do the most we can to serve our customers.”

This particular location — just across the road and less than a mile north of the current store’s location — is just inside the Lynchburg Historical District. Dollar General officials had to meet with the local historical commission to make sure the new store met the county’s requirements aesthetically. They also had to meet with the county planning commission.

“They met with the planning commission and I know they did look at it to make sure all the engineering and drainage was done (properly),” said Mayor Sloan Stewart.

Once the proper paperwork was in place, the groundwork began. Currently, the building floorplan is in place and construction is moving along without delay. The new store will have nearly 2,000 more square feet in the shopping area, going from approximately 6,500 square feet at the old location to more than 8,500 square feet at the new location.

“This is going to be our plus format, which is larger than our traditional store,” said Colbert. “This one is actually going to be a lot bigger.”

She added that they were well aware of the community’s requirements and of the new store’s location just inside the boundaries of the Lynchburg Historic District.

“We are sensitive to community concerns and the way our stores look and feel,” Colbert said. “We take that into consideration when we are building (a new store). We want to blend in with the community as much as we can; we want to be part of the community and not be an eyesore.”

Dollar General Corporation is the nation’s largest small-box discount retailer. The company ranks among the largest retailers of brands made by American manufacturers, such as Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark, Unilever, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Nabisco, Hanes, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola.

With a dozen distribution centers nationwide and more than 109,000 employees, the company had $18.9 billion in sales in fiscal year 2014. The company’s corporate office is in Goodlettsville.

On May 30, Dollar General opened its 12,000th store in the small, historic town of Juliette, Ga.

“It is exciting to open our 12,000th store and move into new communities where we can serve customers with everyday low prices, convenience and great service,” Rick Dreiling, Dollar General’s chairman and CEO said last month. “I want to thank our more than 109,000 employees for their dedication to our customers. That focus on service remains the backbone of our success and we expect to continue to expand our business, create new career opportunities and make a difference in the communities we serve.”

—By ROBERT HOLMAN, Publisher (

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