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County budget passes without tax increase

Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 9:44 am

The Metropolitan L y n c h b u r g / M o o r e County Council passed the 2017-18 budget for the third and final reading on June 27. Budget Committee Chairman Tommy Brown presented 2017–18 proposed budget and summarized a few highlights of the document. Brown reminded all present of the reduction in the Moore County general fund was simply moved to capital projects and that this money is earmarked to restore the courthouse windows and any funds that aren’t used for the window project will remain in debt service. The next items Brown presented were a five-percent raise for all county employees and setting the EMA and fire chief salary at $30,000 annually. “We originally looked at adding an employee and another ambulance, which would have been around $140,000, but if we go this route they can cover some of the ambulance work and the fire chief will be available pretty much all the time,” Brown said. The budget includes money to buy a vehicle for the sheriff’s department, which will be purchased out of capital projects in February. Brown pointed out that the budget has no tax increase. Brown reported the property tax rate for the county would be $2.65, and urban services would be an additional four cents, which will make it $2.69. The motion to approve the budget as presented was made and properly seconded. Brown reminded all that the budget to be voted on is the operations budget for the metro government and that the school system is on a separate budget. “The school project doesn’t have anything to do with our operational budget,” said Brown. We (the budget committee) have met with the school board and asked for some things to be brought back to us. Brown said he is ready to call a meeting and ready to do something with the school system, but the council isn’t going to do anything until they get from the school board what the budget committee asked for. “The budget committee took this (year’s budget) and hammered on it for some time,” Brown said, “…everyone had a voice in it at the budget committee meeting and it has been presented to you all with no tax increase.” With no other questions or discussion the vote was taken and the budget passed the third and final reading.