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College will wait; have a Great Summer!

Posted on Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 9:29 am

A letter from the editor:

Dear Graduate, Now that high school is over, it’s important to appreciate that accomplishment. Society teaches us to constantly think about what’s next and those lessons can make it difficult to appreciate THE NOW. Many students and parents feel that high school is just a stopover on the way to college. From the moment the freshman year starts its all about college. Which college? In state or out of state? Need to choose a major! What about sports? Clubs, frats and sororities… It can be overwhelming to say the least. The need for planning for college is prudent, but high school should not be considered just a launching pad for college. It is an experience unto itself. College is also an experience unto itself. Setting sail into the college experience often is thought of as a springboard to a profession. Many lose sight that the time in college will zoom past, just as the four short years of high school did. For most it’s four years, JUST FOUR YEARS! Take advantage of all that college has to off er. Don’t feel pressured to have all the answers about your future now. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or change majors, forge friendships with surprising people, become passionate about a cause that’s personally important. There’s going to be a lifetime of decisions and college is the place to practice. Study fun subjects. Take classes that might be uncomfortable. (music appreciation or German) Curious about a subject or a major? Taking that class may very well lead to a completely new understanding of a profession never considered. Many new graduates are creating their own jobs; the world is changing faster than ever and a diverse education is the ticket to opening the mind to what is possible. Of course, all friends and family wish the new graduate a great future, but what I really wish for you is a great summer. Learning to appreciate THE NOW is a skill many never develop. Regret is living in the past. Worry is living in the future. Living one day at a time is the easier, softer way.

There are 58 more high school graduates in Moore County than there were last week. Friday May 19, 2017 marked the end of high school life for the MCHS Class of 2017. This senior class was awarded more than $650,000 in college scholarships. See page 4 for more graduation pictures. On The News’ Facebook site there are hundreds more photos and videos to celebrate The Class of 2017. –photo by