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Class of 2020 gets its graduation

Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 8:34 am

By David Knox

In a year like none other, the Moore County High School Class of 2020 gets to have a graduation ceremony.

The event, Friday night at Raider Stadium on the MCHS campus, starts at 6 p.m.

MCS Director of Schools Chad Moorehead has worked hard to make this graduation happen in spite of the constraints of COVID-19.

“The graduating class of 2020 deserves to be honored with a graduation ceremony for achieving this milestone in their lives,” Moorehead said. “While we all certainly hope that none of them will allow this to be their crowning achievement in life, we certainly want to have this ceremony and recognition for their accomplishments.”

In a year of “nots,” getting a “yes” means a lot. They’ve missed out on so many things.

Like the baseball and softball seasons, the annual senior trip they’ve been looking forward to for years, and simply attending school itself, with its valuable opportunities to learn and the friends and teachers they’ve come to love.

“This class had their last day as a part of our school system without knowing it would be the last,” Moorehead said. “This is a valuable lesson for our seniors and for the rest of us. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. We must live each day to the fullest. These seniors missed out on the memories that are created in the last few months of their school careers, and the precious time that they would have spent together.  Many of them may not see each other again.”

Case Corder managed to get his senior year of football in, unlike the softball and baseball players.

“I didn’t get to see my friends as much, but it was nice to wake up when I want to, work on my stuff when I want to,” the class valedictorian said.

“But it’s kind of bittersweet.”

Haley Roberts was going to skip the senior trip in lieu of a family outing to Orlando, but that, too, got canceled by COVID-19. She made the best of it, though, thanks to her parents.

“Instead I ended up with a 1966 Mustang.”

Still, she missed some things that only a senior year can bring.

“I missed having the sequence of events through the year … I miss the awards night and the breakfast.”

But there will be a graduation, and a breakfast Friday morning following graduation practice.

Ceremony-goers are reminded of the precautions of social distancing and staying home if sick. Moorehead said there will be no “policing,” and urged attendees to self-police. Both sides of Raider Stadium will be open as the event takes place down on Doug Price Field.

“We ask that all spectators social distance themselves and to be respectful of others.  If anyone feels unsafe due to health concerns, we ask that they do not attend the ceremony.  We will attempt to live stream the ceremony and will be giving more details on this next week.

“We will open the gates and allow parking at the south end of the football field as well as the normal parking on campus.  Parts of the campus will be blocked due to construction.  We do not have a plan to move indoors, as there is no area of the school building available.  We ask that everyone depart from campus as soon as possible after the ceremony is completed.”