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Cease and desist, pretty please; JD legal team earns rep for southern hospitality

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 3:15 pm

The cover of Wensink's book compared side-by-side to the Old No. 7 label.The name synonymous with Lynchburg, Tenn. is becoming synonymous with good, old-fashion southern hospitality as a cease in desist letter from a Jack Daniel’s Distillery intellectual properties lawyer exploded across the web and social media last week as being the “nicest cease and desist letter ever.”

Author Patrick Wensink received the letter from the Jack Daniel legal team out of California based on the cover of his latest novel Broken Piano for President, which looked a little too similar to the label of a bottle of Old No. 7 to the brand.

“The cover of your book … bears a design that closely mimics the style and distinctive elements of the Jack Daniel’s trademark,” the letter reads.

“As an author, you can certainly understand our position and need to contact you. You may have even run into similar problems in your own intellectual property,” the letter continued.

Gathering more flies with honey than vinegar, the letter simply asked Wensink to change the cover art when the book was reprinted and even offered to pay for the redesign because the author was “a Louisville neighbor and fan of the brand.”

An offer Wensink declined but says he appreciated anyway.•