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BZA Meeting

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2021 at 9:39 am

During last night’s Board of Zoning Appeals meeting, the board discussed the Special Exemptions Application that had been submitted by Chip Hayes of Oakstone Land and Capital Company. Keith Moses determined that the board did not have the legal right to handle this matter and stated, “This board serves in a judiciary role. Our responsibility includes reviewing the laws of ordinances passed by the Metro-Council.”

Because this issue does not fall within the jurisdiction of the B.Z.A., Moses announced that he and others would discuss the matter with legal counsel to determine the best path to take. The mayor stated that the county has never handled an issue quite like this one, but they are striving to follow the law in everything that they do.

People in the community have strongly voiced both positive and negative views on the project and the potential impact it could have on the community, but at the moment, it is unknown how the decision will be made and when another meeting to discuss the matter will be held. Stay tuned for updates.