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Busy schedule keeps Moore County senior dancing

Posted on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 10:10 am

LOGO Kids You Should KnowEmily Chaput’s life is a whirlwind. So much so that the Moore County High School senior occasionally forgets to mention all the activities she’s involved in.

The president of the MCHS student council lists the National Honor Society, the Pep Club and being an SRO Role Model among the activities she participates in. She’s also among Moore County’s dual enrollment students taking college credit classes at Motlow, she was voted Most Talented by the senior class and she’s the Color Guard captain alongside the Moore County band.

Oh yeah. She dabbles in modeling, dance and choreography too. And if she can find the time, she plays the clarinet a bit.

“That’s not my favorite thing,” says Chaput of playing the clarinet. “I do concerts with (the band). I’m not too musically inclined.”

Instead, she says she prefers the visual arts — specifically dance. She’s been the Color Guard captain since her freshman year of school and she choreographs their halftime routines.

Chaput, the daughter of Rebecca Chaput and Donald Chaput, also models sparingly through Bill Work Studios in Tullahoma and is involved as both a dancer and teacher at Denise Kendrick’s Dance Academy (DKDA) in Fayetteville.

“I model maybe two times a month and dance four times a week,” says Chaput. “I teach and help the preschoolers. I just started with (the) company two years ago. I was just taking (dance) lessons one day a week when I started on company.”

With the DKDA Dance Company, Chaput is on the competition team, which means she competes in about five competitions each year. She says with everything she has going on, it’s important to prioritize. But she wouldn’t trade in her busy schedule.

“If I have a dance competition, I focus on that. If I have a test, I focus on that,” she says. “As long as you don’t spend all your time watching TV and eating popcorn … I like to stay busy. If I didn’t have something to do, I’d go crazy.”

While Chaput says she’d like to continue to dance in college — she plans to attend East Tennessee State University in Johnson City — she’s not thinking about making a career of it. That doesn’t mean she wants to leave dance and modeling behind though.

Part of the draw toward ETSU is the school’s public relations and fashion merchandising programs. She’d like to combine the P/R and the arts after college.

“I hope to move to a big city and do something for fashion companies … maybe model some on the side,” Chaput says. “I’d like to work with models and help them get jobs.”

Chaput sees ETSU as a transition — a move from a small town to a midsized city and then on to a bigger one. While she could easily see herself in Paris, she doesn’t intend to leave her small town roots behind forever.

“I’m excited to leave. It’s not like I’m never gonna come back,” she says with a smile. “People want to be a senior all the time and then it comes so fast and you’re this old and then you’re about to start life by yourself.

“Paris does sound nice. I want to travel. I don’t want to settle down until I’m in my 30s. I’m ready to move. Once I graduate I can move to a bigger city. I’m just ready for something different.”

—By ROBERT HOLMAN, Editor & Publisher

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